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In Canada, HOUSING is considered affordable if shelter costs account for less than 30 per cent of beforetax income. A household is in Core Housing Need if its housing does not meet one or more of the adequacy, suitability or affordability standards.

  • Acceptable housing is adequate in condition, suitable in size, and affordable
  • Adequate housing does not require any major repairs, according to residents
  • Suitable housing has enough bedrooms for the size and makeup of resident households

The term “affordable housing” can refer to any part of the housing continuum. The Poverty Task Force focuses primarily on the portion of the continuum from emergency shelters to subsidized housing. The PTF also advocates for affordable market rent for low income community members.


  • In 2011, 10.4% of households in Guelph-Wellington were in Core Housing Need
  • In 2017, the vacancy rate in Guelph was 1.2% (3% is considered a healthy vacancy rate)
  • Average rent in Guelph was $1,066 in 2017

HOMELESSNESS encompasses a range of physical living situations, including:

  1. Unsheltered, or absolutely homeless and living on the streets or in places not intended for human habitation
  2. Emergency sheltered – including those staying in overnight shelters for people who are homeless, as well as shelters for those impacted by family violence
  3. Provisionally accommodated, referring to those whose accommodation is temporary or lacks security of tenure
  4. At risk of homelessness, referring to those who are not homeless, but whose economic and/or housing situation is precarious or does not meet public health and safety standards.


  • 295 individuals were identified as experiencing homelessness in Guelph-Wellington during a three-day period in April 2016
  • 29% of individuals experiencing homelessness in Guelph-Wellington in 2016 were youth (16-24 years)
  • 22% of individuals experiencing homelessness in Guelph-Wellington in 2016 identified as Indigenous or having Indigenous ancestry


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