2015 Living Wage Report & Employer Recognition Program

The Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination (Poverty Task Force) released the new Living Wage numbers for Guelph/Wellington. The new hourly living wage for Guelph and Wellington is $16.50.

“Our 2015 living wage announcement is part of a growing national trend that acknowledges that the minimum wage is not enough to raise a family,” commented Task Force coordinator, Randalin Ellery. “Across the country, communities are understanding that a successful economy and society depend on everyone in the workforce having the opportunity to earn an income that allows them to provide for their family and be an active participant in the local economy.”

The Living Wage is a conservative estimate of what two full-time working parents need to earn hourly to raise two children. This number calculated through a rigorous and reviewed process that is vetted nationally by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and is part of a National Living Wage Framework. While a 3.5 per cent increase over 2013’s living wage calculation, this new number better reflects the economic reality of being an engaged member of our community.

“A living wage is good for our community and businesses,” commented Curt Hammond, Chief Listening Officer of Pearl Street Communications and Living Wage Advisory Committee member. “This conversation is about more than just an hourly wage. The release of the 2015 Living Wage Report is an opportunity for small and large employers to think about our responsibilities as employers so that we can strengthen our individual bottom lines and support the communities we do business in.”

The Poverty Task Force is encouraging all employers to review their salary grids and wherever possible ensure that all full and part time staff are earning a living wage or more. Companies interested in committing to a living wage are invited to connect with the Poverty Task Force through Randalin Ellery at 800.265.7293 x 4359 or by email at Randalin@gwpoverty.ca. More information is available here: Guide to Becoming a Living Wage Employer.

Business will are also invited to a public event being held in early November that will acknowledge early adopters to the Guelph and Wellington Living Wage movement. More details and registration for the event is available here: Guelph & Wellington Living Wage Launch.

Living Wage Advisory Committee members are also happy to speak with local business owners about the opportunities associated with the Living Wage:

Curt Hammond Chief Listening Officer, Pearl Street Communications curt@pearlstreet.ca

Marty Williams Executive Director, Downtown Guelph Business Association marty@downtownguelph.com

Kristine Flora Director, Compensation and Benefits at The Co-operators Kristine.Flora@cumis.com

Peter Cameron Co-op Development Manager, The Ontario Co-operative Association pcameron@ontario.coop

Carol Simpson Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin, carol@workforceplanningboard.com

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