Official Submission: Basic Income Pilot

The Government of Ontario is launching a pilot project to study different ways of delivering income support and reducing poverty in Ontario. They are interested in measuring how giving people a basic income might impact individuals and families across the province. The province is currently inviting input into how a Basic Income Pilot could be designed and delivered.

To help shape the Government of Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot, the PTF engaged with local stakeholders to provide input on how the pilot is designed, tested and delivered. Local conversations generally followed the questions put forward in the province’s Basic Income Consultation Guide, and reflected on the recommendations put forward by the Honourable Hugh Segal in his Discussion Paper. The feedback from this stakeholder session has informed an official submission from the PTF.

We would like to invite individuals and organizations to use the PTF’s official submission to inform their own submissions. There are a number of ways that input can be provided, including online surveys. Please visit HERE to learn about these consultation opportunities. The deadline to provide feedback is January 31, 2016. 

The PTF’s Official Submission: Basic Income Pilot 


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