PTF feedback to City of Guelph on Affordable Housing Strategy

In our 2014 – 2017 Strategic Plan, the Poverty Task Force identifies affordable housing and homelessness as a priority issue. In an effort to eliminate poverty in our community, we are working toward a goal where everyone in Guelph and Wellington can find and maintain an appropriate, safe, and affordable place to call home. As part of our efforts to reach this goal, the PTF has made a commitment to provide input, monitor, and support the development and/or implementation of municipal housing strategies and plans, including the City of Guelph’s Affordable Housing Strategy (AHS) and the County of Wellington’s 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan. Through delegations and participation in stakeholder engagement sessions hosted by the City of Guelph, the PTF has provided high level feedback at different stages of the development of the AHS. As the third phase of the development of the AHS nears completion, the PTF would like to take another opportunity to provide more detailed input and to place clear emphasis on the elements that we believe to be essential in ensuring the strategy is successful.

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