2016/17 Annual Report: Guelph-Wellington 20,000 Homes

The Guelph-Wellington 20,000 Homes Campaign released a 2016/17 annual report today about the progress our community has made in a bid to end homelessness. The report demonstrates that the number of known individuals experiencing homelessness has fallen from 207 in April 2016 to 129 in October 2017, an overall decrease of 38%. Also highlighted in the report are 117 housing placements for individuals considered ‘high-acuity’ (those with high depth of need).

Read the full report here: 2016/17 Annual Report: Guelph-Wellington 20,000 Homes

Read the press release here: ‘Annual Report on Homelessness Sheds Light on Progress Toward Ending Homelessness in Guelph-Wellington’

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